Influence of the Provisional Restoration in the Final Aesthetic Outcome


  • Organizer: Osteocom
  • Collaborators: Gonzalez + Solano Atelier Dental
  • Modalidy: On-line.
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This new exclusive on-line course by Dr. González focuses on the restorative phase of the treatment continuum, where the appropriate management of the provisional and definitive restoration is crucial to reach optimal esthetic outcomes.

Because adequate peri-implant hard and soft tissue volume is paramount in implant-supported rehabilitations to gurantee natural appearance, different surgical therapy approaches have been proposed to enhance the tissue contour in edentulous segments, with special emphasis on the aesthetic area.“Influence of provisional restoration in the final aesthetic outcome” allows the learner to dive into state-of-the-art techniques to optimize aesthetic results, including the critical and subcritical contour concept, the role of provisional modifications in the final appearance of the peri-implant soft tissues (e.g., mucosal architecture and color).


Through this course, participants will gain a deeper understanding of:

The principles of peri-implant soft tissue management using provisional restorations in the anterior zone for both immediate and delayed loading protocols

The key design aspects of the provisionalization of immediate implants, with special emphasis on the concept of the critical and subcritical contour.

The process of developing ideal provisional restoration contours for peri-implant soft tissue conditioning in order to optimize the final result.

The different analog and digital protocols for transferring the provisional transmucosal design into a final restoration